No Expectations ~ The Magic of the In Between
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No Expectations: The Magic of the In Between

"If you want a happy life...lower your expectations..." -Tallulah, 8 years old

The Magic of life happens in between. What better place to feel the space, the silence, the mysterious, than in our childhood.

Without Expectations...

No expectations came about by experience. Constantly dealing with tears and disappointments, because I, the adult, had described something that didn't match the reality or the picture in my children's imagination.

We recently moved from the United States to Amsterdam. In my description of Amsterdam I told my girls there was water everywhere. People lived on houseboats. Arriving in Amsterdam with great expectations, they complained. "I thought the streets were made of water!" "I thought it would be romantic.." Not what they expected.

Every Christmas, Birthday or major event is filled with disillusion. Their imagination is beyond reality. They are in constant mode of merging reality with expectations.

I asked my girls one day, "What are your fondest memories of your life so far?

"Holding the baby that lives next door"

"Playing in the creek with Nina"

"Climbing to the top of the tree and seeing EVERYTHING!"

"The smell of mommy"

The experiences they described brought me to tears. Nothing I had expected. Not that time we invested time and money to travel to the perfect destination. No birthdays. No major events. It had nothing to do with the help of great people or adults. It was the quiet spaces in between that were tucked away in their hearts.

Without expectations, their memories and experiences are phenomenal, mystical and beyond our imaginations.

Raw • Unfiltered • Beautiful • Mysterious •

What I have learned, is that I am an enabler of their experiences. I am here to allow them space, stillness and silence.

The In Between.

This is what matters.

This is the Magic of the In Between.

My work is a reflection of these feelings. The feelings of a memory,

and the space that allows us to be a childlike and free.

"The music is not in the notes, but in the silence in between."

-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart