The Levitation Rice Planting
Project info

This is a rice field in Osaka, Japan. In the early summer of 2015, I visited the Agriculture Camp hosted by two farmers who visioned to alter agriculture into attractive events. Ten years ago, the two school teacher resigned their job and started this project. They decided to do everything they can do by hands and invite many people to enjoy the process of rice growing.

Thanks to the modern technology, we can find almost everything we want at supermarkets. At the same time through, it is also true that we have lost the understanding of where our food is coming from. When we think about agriculture, we tend to associate it with hard and boring work. In reality, many people have left agricultural industry looking for "cool" jobs in cities.

The participants and I tried "air planting" on the rice planting day. We levitated and plant at the same time. It required a good combination between the planter and the photographer. It was not easy. In this series, you can see various ways of rice planting.

The participants, who usually work in a concrete jungle, embraced the feeling of the soil. They are back to their childhood and enjoy working and jumping in mud.