Sediments - 2012.
Project info

Sediments - Nepal 2012: During my stay in Nepal I walked for weeks to and in the Jumbesi Valley near Mt. Everest and to Lo Mantang - the capital of North Mustang. As I moved slowly through the landscape, I got more and more immersed in the world around me. Sediments is all about time. Time embodied in the landscape and the culture of a country. But also in the way I moved around and in all that happened during this period at these specific places.
This is the first project I was shooting with my pinhole camera. This is a simple wooden box with a little hole in it. Inside is neg. film. A true way to pay hommage to photography's nature as a record written by light. The pictures cronicle with elemental simplicity, what it means to occupy a specific place on earth at a specific time.
This light equipment allows me to work alone - no guides, no drivers, no porters.
Exposure times are from 10 sec to 45 minutes.