The Ley Lines
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Ley Lines are invisible energetic lines running the world over. The points at which they cross are called intersections or vortexes and it is at these points around the world that a concentrated amount of energy exists.

Ley Lines were first discovered by Alfred Watkins in the 1930’s and it his research that showed that most places of historical or monumental relevance existed on a Ley Line. Many people have tried to plot the lines over the years and while not being exactly accurate, we can work out many places that are connected.

The Lines began to be plotted in the UK but have quickly been recognized the world over with places such as Stone Henge, Buckingham Palace, Lands End, Ayers Rock, The Bermuda Triangle, and The Pyramids being plotted.

This extreme flow of energy has never been cemented to one cause. Scientists relate the lines to being an area of altered magnetic fields. Other beliefs relate to movements in tectonic plates, exuding energy from the earth’s core and cosmic activity and the effect of that energy in our world. However this energy exists, it can be felt in full force within these vortexes and also along the lines.

The energy cannot be measured. Equipment suitable for measuring energy does not work in this instance. This means that, at this point, it can only be felt. There have been changes physically to the land in these areas. One example has been the growing patterns in certain trees. The bark has been seen to grow in circles and spirals rather than straight. This has been put down to conflicting energies created by the vortexes.

This evidence begins to prove the extent of these forces - even if we cannot see it.

So how do we feel this energy? People have reported many different reactions to being in the extended energy fields. A tingling of the skin and hairs standing on end. Dizziness and unbalance in some cases, but for most a sense of calm and awareness. The effect of such a large amount of this energy can be a state of consciousness and presence – one not normally reached on a regular basis.

This has caused a large interest in Ley Lines for many years. Scientists and spiritualists alike relate to the energy and its effects, sometimes debating its cause but never its presence.

However this energy exists or however we choose to explain it, it is there. This project aims to begin to explore the land that lies on these points and lines of extended energy.