Coalition Advisors Training Peshmerga
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Coalition advisor units from Holland, England, Germany, Italy, and America, have organized four week training courses to specialized platoons of Peshmerga fighters on training grounds in the outskirts or the Iraqi- Kurdish Capitol of Erbil. They were trained in close combat urban situations and offensive tactics with newly received weaponry to combat Islamic State militants. They were updated in combat medical procedures and how to get their wounded off the battlefield immediately to be treated. Many of the Peshmerga today unlike their fathers and grandfathers have not had experience in combat. This is a dedicated approach by Coalition forces to keep the Kurds in the fight against the Islamic State militants less than 30 minutes away from their capitol city Erbil in Norther Iraq. There is a final graduation where the soldiers get a certificate from Coalition officers for there participation. The moral of the peshmerga during training was very high and the recruits were proactive and responsive to the Coalition advisors. The bond was obvious between the Advisors and the recruits who participated in the specialized training. There was a high level of respect shown to the trainers throughout the training and after their graduation from the four week course. Many of these recruits would immediately see heavy fighting in the oil rich city of Kirkuk within days after this training was ended.