Form over Beauty
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"Why is form beautiful? Because, I think, it helps us meet out worst fear, the suspicion that life may be chaos and that therefore our suffering is without meaning. James Dickey was right when he asked rhetorically. "What is Heaven anyway, but the power of dwelling among objects and actions of consequence." "Objects of consequence" cannot be created by man alone, nor can "actions of consequence" happen in a void, they can only be found within a framework that is larger than we are, an encompassing totality invulnerable to our worst behavior and most corrosive anxieties."

From Robert Adams' book Beauty in Photography

In Form over Beauty I try for a classicism I yearn for, maybe because for me, it is the most difficult thing imaginable. The classicism is nothing cold, it is the need to pair down thought into something that may resemble simplicity. When I was a working musician, there was the need to calm movement down to the bare minimum. As a musician you are much more technical and have more energy, if you do not do anything unnecessary when it comes to body movement. I think Form over Beauty is an exercise towards the same mindset. This as I find life an exercise towards being.