Almonds for the visitor
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This is a series of scenes from a walk through a village in the southern coast line of Turkey, where I was greeted with open doors and open arms. The moment I stepped out to the street I heard a voice say, "Here, have some almonds young lady". I turned to see a villager picking up un-ripe almonds from a tree for me. "Çağla" we call them, they blossom and ripen in the spring and taste like a cool breeze on a hot day and smell like fields of flowers.
Along I walked through old village houses in once-lively colors, with once-beautifully decorated windows and doors, encountering welcoming faces of long forgotten generosity , and kindness.
Mürseller ,a village of Burdur, Turkey has a population of 300 with around only a 100 permanently living in the village, almost all over the age of sixty. The young have fled their village in search of work and better education leaving the village to their parents and grandparents .