New Food
Project info

Even though Nature has her own balance and beauty, she doesn’t need uniformity to convince consumers that her products are good only when beautiful. A big percentage of the global food production ends as waste just because it doesn’t meet the “beauty” standards. At the same time, massive quantities of packaged food are being produced, violating the rules of natural growth, harvest, production, conservation etc. Moreover, with the use of artificial additives, colorings, preservatives, hormones and many more, many questions are remained unanswered about what we consume.
The idea behind the “New Food” project is to focus on mutant food and packaged foods. I chose to present a more controlled optics of the “products”, so they would look more believable, still different than normal food, as if these are new breeds. Experimental hybrids, some look like “Cthulhu” entities, some look as if they have fallen from space, some borrow the super markets and junk food aesthetics. In the name of consumerism and greed for sales, increasingly weird taste combinations (presented as original and unique ones) are placed on the market’s shelves. But are we really conscious of this luxury of over offering, and in what extent do we really need all these goods that “land” on our plate?