Angels of War
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Every day risking their own lives to save other lives.
They are never part of the news, but every fighter or civilian
staying on the frontline knows and loves them.
They are the medical battalions, known as Angels of War.
Ukrainian Army did not have a medical battalion, causing
many deaths among soldiers, even those who with the
propriate medical first aid would have survived.
Hospitallers battalion was founded by 20 years old Yana
Zinkevych who, being in a basement under fire, heard the story
of a knightly order called "Hospitaller" and decided, if she had
survived she would have created something similar.
And she has done that.
Periodically, Hospitallers give rise to training camps for new
volunteers, fully available to teach about first aid in a
battlefield, with nightly and daily simulations.
Today Hospitallers staff has more than 120 people. According to Yana Zinkevych, as part of the mobilization of physicians plan to take in its ranks more than 40 people: “Every month, about 20 people express a desire to join our unit, they will have the opportunity. Now we have enough experience and knowledge to prepare a large number of civilians”.
Their struggle has been going on, as long as the war.