Subconscious Windows
Project info

Every Time I think about my memories, they come in certain forms, shapes and aesthetics that are far from my eye view. If I think about someone or about some environment, or if I want to tell a history about something they will come out considering my mind internal constructions and references that my memory captured. Color may be darker, brighter, more or less saturated, the people faces may be blurred or sharper than what they really are. I will tell in words my stories but are they representing that images inside my mind?
The subconscious window came from this thoughts.
This essay is an attempt to bring up via photography the images we create when we think about something, hear a story or just read a story book. It is a mimesis inspired by the psychological concept of mental pictures, trying to express by photographs connections that we make inside the brain to bring up memories good moments, descriptions of landscapes or perhaps dreams of any kind.