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How we perceive food is also, how we perceive culture.

A Human Metropolis Introducing ‘the exotic; to each other, newcomers and locals alike, by replicating tastes and traditions that attach them to home as well as introducing them to new flavours. By sweetening the melting pot with food and love as that is what keeps us all alive, but it is also what makes us human. With the arrivals of newcomers, the local cuisine is injected with a healthy dose of new flavours, curiosity and cultural understandings. The travellers, the visitors and the settlers are introduced to the tastes and smells of the local cuisine and their communities.

The Act of Eating is an Act of Love is the Law of Attraction Food is a storyteller. Food connects us. Food gives us a sense of community and over time these communities shape our cities. They become the very essence of the fabric of a city.

(Inspiration: How to welcome refugees and other newcomers to Denmark)