They Call Me Mr. Gibz
Project info

Getting a child when you are 43 years old immediately registers your mortality. Going through life when you are single and free you never realize your time as a living soul/human. You work, party, do chores, some family obligations, and a little more partying. You just keep plowing through life not truly recognising your time and age in this thing we call existence. Once we got Mr. Gibz I started to realise these emotions immensely. A Project for life so hey ho here we go, wish us luck.

As stated previously, the following images represent our angel Gabriel or جبريل who truly is a testament to someone who decided to follow his heart and along the way found someone to fill it. Wanted to show the lighter side of this adventure and how life is truly beautiful once you share your passion and realise that Mr. Gibz is the gift life.

Life is a trip so enjoy the ride with all its ups and downs !!!

All images are shot on 35mm b/w film TMAX 400 and scanned with no dodging or burning. Didn't want to mix with digital.

Film truly has a different spirit ... Cheers 😎