The Kids Are Alright
Project info

At the end of 2015, I started documenting the lives of my two daughters in and around our house, in a city in Belgium. My goal is to create extraordinary images of everyday scenes. There is no control of the scenes and everything is unstaged; the the children live their reality and are shown as they show themselves to me, the way I see them. I follow them as they grow up and change, struggle, fall, get up and rebuild themselves again.

I'm not only the photographer of this documentary series, I am also the father of these children. As a father, I get access to intimate moments. As a photographer I am ready to capture what moves me. That dual role is implicit and might create a strong interference. There's a thin line between both roles; making choices feels uncomfortable.

When you zoom in, you can see fragments of everyday family situations, they freeze the moment. Snap. When you zoom out a story is told about growing up, about evolving. At a later stage this lifelong project will be a testimony of the past. The way their life will run, and that of their parents, also determines the content and format of this series.