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Like most beautiful things in life, this one, too, is about a girl. But this is a story that begins when it all ends, a tale that slowly, unsurely starts to take shape at a time when she starts to go away.

With the warm ache of memories of a time gone by, the only refuge was the other hopeless love, photography. Walking into nowhere seemed to coincide with my journey within my personal vision. Slowly, it became less about the girl, and more about myself. Was losing her the path towards finding myself? But to find oneself, one needs to lose oneself. 

Nowhere is everywhere. It’s in my state of being, in the fleeting moment, in the transient state of seeing, perceiving, telling and showing. It’s in hope and hopelessness, in love and longing. It’s in my journey in moving from one moment to another, the worlds inside of me while I converse with the one outside.

This body of work, this recounting of memory, is an ongoing exercise, an allegory of my deepest insecurities and a celebration of my greatest joys. Every picture I make, every step I take in the middle of nowhere, is fulfilling in itself. It is uneasy, fearful, tentative, but also eager, hopeful, momentous.

I’ll see you on the other side of nowhere.