Out Of Plain Sight
Project info

Out of Plain Sight is part of a series of images that I began in 2014 on a condition called Alopecia. Alopecia is an autoimmune condition that causes white blood cells to mistake hair follicles as foreign bacteria that need to be destroyed. It is not painful, but more psychologically traumatic. This condition has affected my sister from a young age.

According to our mum it first appeared when she was a baby. Her hair started thinning towards the end of primary school and then started falling out rapidly and my sister was basically bald by the beginning of grade nine. Since then, it’s come and gone and the reasons remain unclear. This is something that my sister carries with her, a part of her identity. Out of Plain Sight is a work in progress created in collaboration with my sister and several other women who have various forms of Alopecia. This is for those who challenge the conventional idea of beauty.