Student Entry - Emerging Talent Awards
Project info

In this series titled Axis, ideas and influences from many different sources are
brought together to explore, research, and visualize an emotional presence derived from subconscious thought. With attention to craft mastery, symbolism, and narrative, the focus of this work showcases allegorical scenes depicting opposing polarities and emotion.
These depicted scenes tell a story, or at least part of one. The camera is utilized here more than just a tool used for recording visual information, but in the same way a painter uses oils and brush strokes on a canvas, or a master-mason carves a stone—in a careful, specific, predetermined effort for a specific outcome.
The creation of this work is conceptualized as an experiment in subconscious
thought. These works use symbolism, recreating events within my own psyche discovered through sensory deprivation, meditation, and dream interpretation. The images explore an act of contemplation and the realization of instinctive and involuntary thought and practice while focusing on one’s own self. This labor is an effort to isolate and deeply examine the genuine inner workings of emotional space.