Child soldier
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As militry boot camps for children spread widley around the world, a less organized version of army camps for kids found its way to two of the most troubled areas in the middle east.

"Hamas scout summer camps" for children and youths in the Gaza Strip start on the first of July every year. The camps are criticized by Israel, who accuse Hamas of training children to use weapons and promoting its Islamist ideology. Gaza, Palestinian Territory.

However the Israeli militry started their own IDF summer camps for kids back in 1981 till date.

28 years later , the Islamic movement of resistance decided to start their own militry camps for children,where young youth coming from different back grounds sign up for military assault courses,religious studies classes and swimming lessons.

Two years after Hamas took control over the Gaza strip and through the first siege which was imposed on Gaza shortly afterwards, the number of military boot camps for different extreme political movement increased.

The Local movements competition to get the spot light on International media platform was still low percentage, Hamas is probably the only movement that allowed journalists into its camps.