Thailand: Making Muay Thai Champion
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Muay Thai, a form of kickboxing, brings Thailand together in revelry and sport. Across the country, from cities to remote villages, people relish the excitement of this combat sport, as participants and spectators. In large cities, Muay Thai camps teach “the art of eight limbs” to tourists and city dwellers. They also train young men and women at no cost, teaching them physical and mental discipline with the intent to produce a champion that will bring money and honor back to the camp. Tiew, a 15-year-old fighter and known as the best in his camp, grew up in a village 290 miles from Bangkok. Like many poor villagers struggling to support their children, Tiew’s parents sent him to a camp in Bangkok to begin his Muay Thai career at age 6. After years of immersing himself fully in his training, Tiew returned to his place of birth on New Years to compete in the championships. Photo © Moe Zoyari