Project info

Küchendienst is a team project of Nikita Teryoshin and Max Slobodda , both photography longterm students and interested in documentary photography.
Spending most of the time in our shared flat kitchen, we are chatting about photography projects and the newest inspirations. We started the Küchendienst project with some staged pictures. Our kitchen soon became our studio.

One day we decided to cook a pretty tasty potato soup. We searched for the pot and found it at the balcony and there was something inside of it. It was blue, yellow and sweating. We were fascinated of its visual appearance, before throwing the moldy spaghetti away, we took some pictures of them as a joke. After seeing the results, we decided to continue our documentation of things which once used to disgust us.

The most obvious side of mold is that its disgusting, unhealthy and ugly. But after we discovered the other side of the mold, we looked at it with the new eyes. We saw the geometry, strange colors and forms and a certain astethic. A picture of mold can appeal to many senses simultaneaously.

It is also important to mention that a lot of photographers (especially for abstract or „weird“ food or even fashion photography projects) are using rotten meat, blood or corps of dead animals. Thats not the way how we look at life and at art in general. We would never use dead material to get some more attention. Our pictures are for 100% made with vegan ingredients.