Nova Mahala Sarajevo
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„What are you doing here, this is the end of the world“ a young woman asks me. I´m sitting in the train from Sarajevo to Zagreb, on my way back home. But why Sarajevo? 20 years after the war, associations related to Sarajevo are still negative mostly. I wanted to know what this place is like, so close to the centre of Europe, but still a blank spot on the map for many people. You can travel to the other side of the globe within 24 hours, and you´re still in the so called "western world", while Sarajevo is a city where Orient meets Occident, 900km before the Bosphorus. It´s a city of contrasts. Modern and traditional. Urban and rural. Once known as "Europe´s Jerusalem" and ruled by different Empires, the city´s diversity is striking. Sarajevo is unique in Europe. And so are it´s people.