Women Sport
Project info

After Islamic Revolution, there have been a lot of prohibitions, including prohibitions on women matches to be recorded and performed in public sports stadiums or printed in national mass media like stated-run Television, newspapers. These tough prohibitions are mostly due to hijab lows on women (the Islamic headscarf worn by women in the presence of adult males outside of their immediate family). Women must have hijab in public places like streets, universities, at work, gym clubs and so on. Not wearing an acceptable hijab is illegal and can result in arresting by Morality Police,Fateb.
Moreover, Such laws should be observed in gyms and fitness clubs throughout Iran. Women are just allowed to do sports in especial places considered only for women.
The photographers and cameramen also have not permission to enter the gyms and fitness clubs. Therefore, women's pictures without required and acceptable hijab are not allowed to be published in the media, according to the Islamic laws.
I decided to take pictures of Women's Sports in accordance with Islamic rules and laws which have income from sport. These women as a coach, referee and team members are unknown in people's mind. In this project I will try to picture all people who have limitations to be in front of camera because of their jobs or situations.