Italia, Dolce Vita 2016
Project info

The collection of photographs you can see here explores my new vision and connection with Italy, its streets and byways, focusing on lifestyle and the dresses and the gestures of people, through a sincere look, that of an Italian who lives in another country, but still deeply and proudly in love with Italy.
While I was in Italy I realized that also this time the project would not be completed. The first part of Italia, Dolce Vita has been already published on lens culture. My focus has been still to turn my empathic gaze on the streets of Rome, but in this new trip I added Milan. Through my street photographer approach I am interested to document the culture and lifestyle of Italians and tourists, sometimes with sense of humor, sometimes with a subtle criticism to the political and social crisis of my hometown, filtered by the fact I don’t live there anymore. My favorite director is Mario Monicelli, he created absolute masterpieces (I Soliti Ignoti, Amici Miei) and maybe for this I believe that by proposing in a lightweight framework, some of denunciation photos can be stronger than presenting solely harsh pictures. It was this idea and the approach that I did have when visiting Italy.
To Lens Culture I am proposing another collection of color photos, while I also started documenting Italia, Dolce Vita in black and white as you can see on my website. .