The Ugly Beverage
Project info

“The Ugly Beverage” is a story of tea, the way it was never told before. When someone talks about tea and tea gardens a picture of lush green tea plantations with some beautiful and happy looking faces of tea plantation workers comes in everybody’s mind. That’s the way these big corporations indulged in tea production have portrayed these gardens to the outside world. I with my proposed project want to offer a different picture, a different truth, a different version in itself, a darker one, the one about starvation, malnutrition, epidemic, human trafficking, illiteracy, superstitions and hopelessness.
During my post graduation from delhi school of economics i did my dissertation on “plantation labor act, 1951” and the various labor issues related to the closed and abandoned tea plantations in the Dooars region of West Bengal. After completing my dissertation and post graduation I started this photo project to cover all the aspects of the lives of the workers of closed and abandoned tea plantations.
“The ugly beverage” my photo project is about the workers of closed and abandoned tea plantations in the north eastern part of the country. With this photo project I intent to cover all the socio-economic aspects of their lives along with their hopes and dreams and moreover their everyday struggle to survive.