Das Riesenrad
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Das Riesenrad

Many people are confronted with war and violence against their lifes all over the world.
Some people fight a war against themselves inside their bodies.

My series tells a story about a group of strong, keen and delicate women who struggle every day with a war of their bodies against themselves. They are not alone, many more of them are out there in the rough world. Some loose this war loosing even their lives. I want to talk about these women because the world and the people surrounding them are not able to understand, or stand by them to overcome the intrinsic desire of constant self destruction. This group of women fight this war every day trying to find peace with themselves. Each fight is unique, as is the person. However, the way we are able to express differentiates greatly. That doesn’t mean it’s not there all the time though.

This situation is present in every day life, and in all of us. unfortunately only when it becomes visually evident, we start recognizing it as a ‚disease‘ which has a negative connotation instead of seeing it as something you can and should be proud of.
This is often hidden, invisible behind a mask of a tough, unbreakable and fascinating face,because we don’t have the strength to face, and deal with
these inner battles. it may appear easier this way, because we all are afraid of judgement.

When an anorexic woman gains back weight to a norm, the thoughts, punishment, struggle, disgust and self hatred don't just suddenly stop. It only gets harder because their not visible, but what we forget is that the core problem remains.
which leaves them, again on their own.

My project shows my love, respect, care and admiration for these extraordinary women.
When I look at them, I am filled with pride.
These women do not give up.
They fight because they want to live.