Max's birth
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The baby was due 2 weeks earlier. Which means I was on call for even longer than that. Every night, I made sure my phone wasn't in silent mode, I checked the screen every morning to make sure I hadn't missed any calls or texts.

Days passed, then a week, then another...and one afternoon I finally got the call from the nervous dad-to-be. I rushed to the hospital and arrived at the same time as them.

Hour after hour, I was witness to such an intimate event. The pain, the support, the determination. Evening rolled in, then night time. Things were progressing slowly. I slept on a swiss ball, my head to the wall, nearly falling off every few minutes.

Then came morning, and that's when the magic happened. To witness two parents seeing their child for the first's indescribable. The emotions are so high. Commotion from nurses and doctors around. But to see this new family united together for the first