Project info

400.000 Slot machines and VLT's

The 3rd biggest company nationwide with a turnover of more than euro per year.

3.000.000 gamblers, 900.000 of whom are compulsive.

All of this in Italy.

The 3rd highest expense with an expenditure 1560 euro per person.

462 businesses with slot machines in the province.

This is Rimini, my town.

These are the figures of gambling, which no one ever talks about with
the exception of advertisements, full of fake promises and huge smiles.
However, I didn't see any smile on the faces of the people I met. I saw
ghosts with lifeless faces. I saw staring and hypnotised expressions.
The places I visited are dark, lighted up only by the fluorescent
flashing lights of slot machines. They are secluded places, private
rooms in public spaces; rooms which are intentionally hidden in order to
hide shame. The shame of addiction.

This project aims at sheding light on gamblers' alienation and on a
social issue which is to often ignored and has deeper roots than one