Brighton 95
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In the spring of 1994 I answered an ad on the jobs notice board at college requesting a photographer for a postmodern pop group bored by the sea . What followed over the next months led me into a world of new young struggling bands in the Brighton underground music scene of the mid-nineties, where the girls for the first time since punk felt empowered to form bands, and the boys felt glamorous enough to wear make-up.
Like Punk more than a decade before, Brit Pop was a catalyst for the Brighton bright young kids to pick up guitars and leave their bedrooms for the pubs and seaside clubs dressed to the nines and fuelled by cheap vodka and Marlborough Lights. Plastic Fantastic, Designer, Tampasm, Elephant, Dolly etc., these bands were desperate to get noticed, get to London and get in the NME, some did but most didn’t. These pictures offer a glimpse of those times in that first gasp of enthusiasm before ambition takes hold and reality sets in.