City of Chicago
Project info

As a newcomer and a traveler here, I often wander around Chicago, noticing my persistent feelings of alienation and trying to understand their sources. Everywhere in the city I see traces of so many of the modernist utopian experiments for which Chicago was the testing ground, and yet their failure is often clearly thrown into contrast by a contemporary reality in which there is still clearly so much injustice and inequality, and in which I personally feel so insecure. I can’t ever seem to quite figure out where I am safe and where I am threatened, leaving me feeling often off-balance and subtly unsettled. And beyond the purely personal, there seems to be something in the very nature of the structures of the city that generates these impressions.
Through the lens, I try to delineate for myself these mysterious feelings of insecurity against a backdrop of wonder being in this great foreign city. Using the power of light and dark, composition and form, I want to reveal the spaces between that here which is so highly organized, and that which remains so uncannily strange.