i shi
Project info

Every year, doesn't of bodies are found Aokigahara 'sea of forest', -or 'suicide forest'- located skirts of mount Fuji.

If I step into the forest under the sunlight filtered by trees, I can easily find human tracemarks.
Plastic ropes put for routing so that they can get out of the forest, camp fire site and white human bones.

I decided to photograph those things and the scenery of the forest to understand the mind process of those people who come in, stay for a while, and make irreversible decision in the forest.

The main way of suicide in the forest is hanging. It takes 10±3 sec to get unconscious, after they hanged themselves. I exposed same time and tried to trace the image that they may see at the last moment.
After started shooting, little by little I felt like the border between life and death became blur.
This project is finding the relationship between 'I' and 'shi'('death' in Japanese).

*In Japanese, 'ishi' has several meanings.
Mind, remains of human, and death by hanging.