Our Cradle Of Joy
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‘You are never too young to die and never to old to follow your heart’ were the words one wrote on the plane going to Lodz, Poland via Italy to attend the Magnum Professional Practice Weekend June 6th - 7th 2014

Nearly two years later the stars seem to have had a different path aligned. At heart a different plan was on mind, rather a carpe diem truth prevailed, now I have a wife, a child, and make photographs for a living. I feel lucky and grateful to have followed my heart and thanks to my dog’s demise and my mother’s wisdom remembered more than a decade later, I would never have taken that leap of faith.

Gabriel is a little over a year now and have been shooting him with black and white film and digital. Conveying this personal documentary within in various sizes into a book is a very strong possibility. Having them displayed in a gallery printed on fiber based paper for contrast and longevity is another.

Here we are with our new small family in the world, portraying them in a lighthearted manner yet very deep and profound to the human spirit.

This adventure is truly a testament to someone who decided to follow his heart and managed to get a lot more than what he could have possibly imagined.


*All images shot with 35mm b/w film TMAX 400