Hard country 2
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Hard country 2

When I was in school half of the pupils in my class were always in the street. They sell cakes, bread and fish. Some of the school children are plumbers. Most of the times, they prefer going to the streets to sell things than going to school. So the street was very kind to us. Jojo 12 years old boy once said to me "The street is like the biggest television in my life",

When I was in school, teachers were not alway paid their salaries in time, so most of our teachers do not come to school instead they have their shops and they sells things to survive. When it comes to subjects like Mathematics, English and Social studies those pupils who sell on the streets are so much better than those that are often at the school.

I like the working class because am I am one of them. The boys taking the goats to the slaughter house and the plumber going to work. People do all kind of works to survive. Young people selling water. I talk to them about their work on the street. One of the boys, Jonathan said " I sell water on the street to be able to help my brothers and sisters" People walk the streets for so many reasons and that is our faith and our life.

When I gazed out across Nigeria's streets, I tried to look beyond the difference between beautiful and ugly. I tried to be sufficiently open to all realities. All individuals men and women even the unpleasant exudes a glowing light.

I left Nigeria some years ago to study and later I started my documentation of the nation strenght and weakness. The aim of this work is to give honour to that which we see and to that which we feel and to that which is to come.

I am just beginning to realize and accept that everything that I see is a raw material for my camera. I have to educate my mind to trust this reality. Seeing is a complicated act and how do we trust what we see in the street today...

This is the second part of my work. the first one has being exhibited at Fotografiska Sweden " Höst Salongen 2015"