Parallel anxiety 2
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Samad Ghorbanzadeh:
Parallel anxieties series 2017
According to Theories of Dr. Freud ; Unconscious, place of Suppressed desires like that sexual desire and other desire that registered and entry to unconscious of childhood. This desires any time have the ability to outbreak in format of the various configuration and figures, But this outbreak or satisfaction of desires is along with the Stress, distress, sadness and anxiety that any time and for anyone. In the other words; the main source of this anxiety, is fear of outbreak desire and Ego's (Coordinator and balanced personality) Disability to prevent it and eventually blamed from the Superego. (Conscience, Law) Superego or Conscience is the Strong dam against outbreak of Suppressed desires, As for every satisfaction, we'll confront with the hard reaction of him. Meanwhile person don't have two more ways: or suppressed his own instincts that this solution can release of anxiety and relief in him, but this solution can causing detection other psychological problems. In the other ways, person because for outbreak his own desires, must be endure any problems , pressure, worry, and..
With this background, the "Parallel anxiety" series that produced in 2017 with the photomontage Technigue, looking to show people's in the male and female format , that or suppressed own desire's or outbreak them and suffer any worry and inguietude. For example in the "picture of one" we are witnessing a woman with the bride dress in the left side of the frame, According to Theories of Psychoanalysis, bride is the symbol of fertility and birth and the part of the character that have not appeared until now. In the middle of the frame we are seeing a man with closed and bloody eyes that eating dead fish, According to Theories of Psychoanalysis, fish symbol of deep processes of Unconscious and dead fish symbol of suppressed of instincts. On the other side and on the second floor of the building we seeing the man with the rain coat, he like a controller (superego) and he can apply hardest punishment for two person if they want to outbreak their desires. in the "picture of two" we are witnessing a anxiety situation. This situation are the result of outbreak of unconscious desires. A man with the bandaged and bloody head and a woman with anxiety mode and phone in hand (A phone symbol of connection with other place), the long and standing chimney on the back ground(According to Theories of Dr. Freud long object is the symbol of phallus) that give out black smoke (black smoke is symbol of internal stress) and light bulbs on top of them is symbol of mourn in the form of jubilation. Actually this is the superego punishment for these two person that outbreak their desire's.