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Mankind not recognizable as mankind.
The Tree doesn’t live as nature.
Living beings displaced in real space and we don’t know if they are persons or objects, if they’re alive or dead, they seem to be only part of an urban model.

The pictures were taken with homeless at Pedro II Street in Belo Horizonte, Capital of Minas Gerais state, Brazil. Most of the homeless are workers recycled materials and some young people involved with drugs. The images are not shot as flagrant, these photographs are creations made from this reality and with the participation of these same people.

One year after I finished the Man Series I moved to a small city near Belo Horizonte.
There I noticed that the urban space in a small city is very similar to a big city.
Most peripheral neighborhoods cities in Latin America have almost no room for nature. With this choice, public governments created problems as air overheating, lack of space for drainage of rain and the end of eco-systems that maintained a balance between human life and the planet.
There are several cities in the world with districts that have more than ninety percent of its land areas fully covered by concrete and asphalt.
The pictures were taken in the small city of Caeté, Minas Gerais state, Brazil. They are made with pieces of cut trees that were collected and replaced on the side walk of the same town.