The Subject of Color
Project info

Color is as much a subject as humankind, objects and nature. Among the theories of color in Newton’s science, in Goethe philosophy, in Da Vinci’s paintings and from the new discoveries of quantic physics – which capture images of particles that light has never touched; we are in a process of revealing color as a subject of existence, allowing another dialog of perception of everything that reflects or assimilates it in the universe.
Photography can expand this debate by using the aesthetics freedom, building new functions of color. Instead of being humanity, the objects or nature the leading figure, color enters in this space making other possible comprehensions of the image’s state.

Red can put in perspective the limits between blood, responsible for life, and the violence of progress, which disrespects human rights. Green makes
Us go forward in the flow of nature, but also denounce the misuse of knowledge by mankind. Blue wraps us in the midst of the waters and sky and each one’s bodies showing the unbalanced privileges of a society of few.

Human eyes has three internal cones that are sensitive to red and orange, blue and violet, green and yellow being, thus, similar of what we find in digital RGB (Red, Green and Blue) machinery systems.

The photographs presented are images made through the interference with objects, paintings and performance in the environment.