From the Streets of New China
Project info

This is a brief collection of photographs from the streets of Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Macau. As a street photographer, my goal is to capture the “decisive moment”; the creative fraction of a second where the image represents the essence of life, or the event itself, and one instinctively knows to press down on the shutter release. These photographs were selected based on their capacity to retell decisive moments experienced while investigating and capturing the essence of human life in the territories of New China. Looking at human life in a foreign setting means we become acutely aware of the differences but more importantly the similarities across cultures, that define what it means to be human. Finding these decisive moments means constant walking, talking, waiting, watching, following, interacting, focusing, framing, and snapping. After a while, everything we see starts to look like a potential photograph and the chase for the decisive moment becomes ever more enticing. However, the most powerful images often come from the most intimate experiences; if we want to capture authenticity we must explore and engage with the world beyond our comfort zones.