Home ( where silence is music)
Project info

My camera is my companion, night and day. I have it in the streets, supermarkets, subway, all through the endless flow of life and relations. I have it at home. I think it is a way of connecting with the world. When I take photos I see the world as if I had not seen it before. I want my camera to melt with my eyes.
I live with my husband, daughters and three cats that are an important part in our lives
I have always thought there was an unsurmontable barrier between animals and people. We speak a language that cannot be shared with them.
But how is it that I feel such a deep intimacy with my cats?
They share our lives in a human way
Or perhaps they sometimes let us peep into an animal world with poetic links that go beyond our spoken language. My intention in this work is to show the intensity of this communication
Perhaps there are barriers even between human beings that can only be passed through poetry.
Perhaps that is why I take photos