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Both thrilling and frightening, massive urban growth is one of the global features of our time. I've been lucky to have photographed in regions at the forefront of this growth many times; the Middle East, India and China. All the striking features of urban development are there - brand new skylines, epic planning, extensive landscaping, ambitious infrastructure, sprawling housing and extravagant architecture.

This series of photographs, which began in earnest from around 2013, probes at the global narratives inherent in these structures and transformations.

In Doha and Dubai brand new skylines have shot up in the last few decades. Their epic planning has produced readymade arenas for global finance and cultural showcasing. Streamlined urbanisation to immediately put themselves on the map.

Cairo is a striking contrast. The uncoordinated sprawl of homes and bulky neighbourhoods fitted in and around the city, stand in sharp relief to the pre-designed separated affluent districts such as Cairo Festival City.

Marassi on the Egyptian north coast, is another vast pre-designed urban complex. 120 km east of Alexandria and being built over decades, it is a resource hungry inversion of desert and harsh coastline into residential, leisure and commercial facilities.

Already huge cities in India and China are being reconfigured for consumerism, corporate culture and mass migration.