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Both thrilling and frightening, massive growth of cities is one of the global features of our time.

These photographs look at striking city developments in regions that have been at the forefront of this growth. The photographs include brand new skylines, extensive landscaping, ambitious infrastructure, sprawling housing and extravagant architecture.

In Doha and Dubai new skylines have shot up in the last few decades. Their epic planning has produced readymade arenas for global finance and cultural showcasing. Streamlined urbanisation to immediately put themselves on the map.

Cairo is a contrast of uncoordinated sprawl by many small contractors and separated luxury districts designed from scratch.

Chinese cities are being reconfigured for consumerism, corporate culture and mass migration. New commercial and residential blocks, tower over the hutong networks and communist era low-rises in Changsha & Chengdu. Forests of scaffolding map out a new retail disgrict on the edge of Sozhou. Shanghai's new financial district pushes higher in an already vast city of towers.