Natural History, 2011-2012
Project info

The only natural history museum located in the city of Lima, is managed by
the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, the frst university in all
America. This university is state registration and directed by the Ministry of
Education of Perú.
The photographic view of the sequence marks a visual language and
attentive the distant goal being to direct record of the condition of the
space presented, which is evidenced as in Peru, still not achieved
accommodate proper development spaces related to the different types of
cultural events, in which the common denominator is to adapt existing
spaces to the needs, rather than creating the space according to the
structure and proper requirement according to their specifc purposes. The
photographs will demonstrate the break between the museum space, and
their respective exposure standards, against the same body position
display, looking for a refection on ways to display the study of the natural
The series "Natural History" and "Natural Collection", in addition to documenting coldly harsh conditions suffered by the public cultural apparatus of Peru in recent decades, and the apathy of the general audience has been generated over time, becomes an analogy of our innate semblance , a refection of our natural history, the neglect of the objects and the space become a refection of current social characteristic, austerity and indifference.