Natural Collection, 2013-2014
Project info

The only natural history museum located in the city of Lima is administered by the Universidad Mayor de San Marcos , an institution that is under the tutelage of the Ministry of Education of Peru .
The photographic series " History Collection " documents the scientific research areas of the institution. These laboratories correspond to different areas of study of biology, natural history museum , to which viewers often not available , only college professors and their students.

The scientific research process is conducted on the basis of consistent and objective observation , analogy is expected to maintain the point of view of the photographic series . These environments are host to millions of organic files that accumulate in aging and museum spaces . This relationship creates a special atmosphere between the study of aging through objects and even thus generated through photography a sense of timelessness .

The photographic point of view of the sequence marks an attentive and distant visual language, being targeted for direct record of the condition of the presented space, where evidenced how in Peru does not yet accommodate for the proper development of spaces related to the different types of cultural events, in which the common denominator is to adapt existing needs, rather than creating spaces space according to the structure and requirements appropriate to their specific purposes.