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These are photographs of my life. Stripped-down, dirty and spontaneous. Moments of ecstasy. Whether it is the feelings of elation or destructiveness.

There is nothing in between, just extremes. When my feet become scarified by to much walking, pale face by too little sleep. That's when it always ends. From one extreme to the other.

And then being stranded in an alien world, once again agressively greeted by him. He who you thought had disappeared.

Photography is a medium to remember and remember who you are. See things from a new perspective. Maybe even understand errors.
To once again see into that conflict with a related family member. Perhaps understand that I wounded. Or maby why I was forced to eat medicine when reluctantly refused.

There is a way in photography to reconcile with oneself, perhaps understand who you are.
The extremes will always be there. Black or white, happiness or sadness. They are a part of me, polarities.

Around 2 to 4 percent in Sweden is living with Bipolar disorder but its also a big number of unrecorded cases.
The risk of commiting suicide dramaticly increases for people who have not gotten the correct diagnose.