Project info

1. mobile phone.
2. a small room in which a prisoner is locked up.
3. the basic functional unit of all life.

The smarter phones become, the more powerless we become to their influence and control. From city to city, across the globe, these palm sized electronic devices have changed how we act, live, and don’t live.

As a photographer, being surrounded by people fixated to their phones can be a frustrating, yet all too common sight. No moments. No life to capture. Surrounded by monotony. This series started as a challenge to capture this phenomenon with some interest. Looking deeper, I became fascinated with the effects these little devices can have on people. Culture and environment seem to be powerless too, as people in all parts of the world fall under their spell in similar ways. Some sad, some funny, and most strange. A normal part of life today that looks less normal when viewed from the outside.

We have become prisoners of the phone and here are its effects.

(All captures are candid. From around the world.)