streeTomsk. 2012-ongoing.
Project info

I started working on the StreeTomsk project in 2012. After twelve-year separation from Tomsk, having spent this time in other cities working and traveling a lot, I returned to my native city again. I was full of energy and new positive emotions. At that time, five years ago, I had other options for finding a new life. I could have gone to other cities and countries, but nevertheless I chose Tomsk. Perhaps I have some special spiritual connection with this city, and maybe there really is a certain atmosphere in the city itself which doesn’t let me leave this place yet. After my regular trips, I come back here with great pleasure over and over again.
It gives me special joy to walk with the camera along the quiet streets of this city. The city with a rich history, which is printed in every brick of former merchants' mansions or in each log of numerous monuments of wooden architecture.
Tomsk, founded in 1604, was the main outpost in the east of the country, from where the Cossacks left to conquer new territories. In the 19th century, being the capital of a huge province, almost everything new that appeared at that time behind the Ural Mountains appeared here. In those years Tomsk received an unofficial name - "Siberian Athens", which meant its leading cultural and educational significance in Russian Asia. The first behind the Urals, the Imperial Siberian University was founded in the city in 1878. Since then and until now, education and everything connected with it is the main activity for a huge number of Tomsk residents. Currently, Tomsk is one of the largest scientific and educational centers of the country. As for a street photographer, it's very interesting for me to dive into the city's human streams and see numerous students from different cities and countries.
One more bonus to a street photographer is that Tomsk is a city of contrasts and this fact does not cease to amaze. Here, on the street, nearby, on several square meters you can meet - a marginal alcoholic beggar, an elegantly dressed professor of one of the universities and a representative of one of the youth subcultures with acid hair color.
Here you can shoot on a historic streets consisting of beautiful restored stone mansions and right there, making a turn for a few dozens of meters, you get into the wonderful world of wooden slummy districts of Tomsk with a completely different energy. Here, as nowhere else you feel the pulse of a changing city, the disappearing urban reality.

The unique aesthetics and an incredible number of subjects and themes that Tomsk is so rich in finally leads me to one eternal theme, the theme of the relationship between the City and a Human being, their interpenetration and their interdependence, which unite this space into entire symphony of life.