Vanguardia Popular
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Strategies to organize
a Popular Army
Popular Vanguard is an open documentary project that aims to identify the notion of
The definition of “people” found in the dictionary is very simple: “Common and humble
people within a population.” But what does “the people” mean? Who are these
“common and humble people”? How is “the people” seen?
Popular Vanguard is, in first place, an aesthetic maneuver of popular organization in the
surroundings of the Central Market and the Borbón Market.
These faceless portraits were conceived as an exercise in translation and accumulation:
it is the transition from the word “people” to the image of “people” and the endless
sum of original models. The exercise follows a series of formal guidelines that create a
certain rhythm amidst diversity and chaos within an area that has been the core of the
financial life of San Jose since 1877, particularly the so-called popular sectors. There
are no hierarchies, or leaders, or slogans. The political objective is their sole presence.
To open up a space for them to be, to present their verbs in a huge format. It is like
throwing punches from an invisible place.
If we are what we consume, Popular Vanguard is an army of individuals who, in their
capacity as consumers and despite being small in number, represent a battalion of
deprived but strong autonomies: they are unique but generous; unrepeatable but accessible.
They are exhausted but vital. They are the losers and still not clones. Their
portraits are not vindicative, but militant.