Light on streets
Project info

My very first encounter with the light happened in an early morning;
the moment when the sun was revealing its head, forcing a tiny part of itself to trespass into the room.
I moved my hand slowly beyond the light and kept on shaking it ; the light was regularly choosing some spots and indeed there had been developing a range of possibilities because of my hand shaking and light crossing it over , which I found so amazing ! so many things had happened, buildings had been raised with the voids and emptiness among them, so the light had found the opportunity to show off, and finally had been throwing itself into our rooms through the tiny windows . I was wondering that if I had pulled the curtain that day, It would not be had happened, though!
Since then the meaning of contrast was clear to me. the parts of my hand to which the light was impacting, had been significantly considered rather more transcendent than the other parts; so I found the light as a selective element from the very beginning.
Considering my personal interest to documentary and street-based photographing, I decided to start searching for this parade of light in the streets.
Street, the place in which the act of light was constantly changing; the presence of buildings , different seasons coming and passing, the relative angle of the sun, all and all were causing the interaction to be changed.
For me, people are struggling with the light in these photos!