In the ghost town Skrunda
Project info

Skrunda is a town in Latvia, also known as a ghost town since 1998. It was built by Soviet Union as a military town in 1963.
There you still can find 60 buildings that comprise the former complex and town including apartment blocks, a school, barracks and an officers club.
With the change of government in one day no one needed this place anymore…
In these halls once people were enjoying the concerts. Life was so full of joy and happiness. Kids were going to school, many families were having cozy evenings in their apartments.. And now everything is empty.
Skrunda became unwanted in one moment ...
Now town has been ruined by vandals.
I would like to show how time and somebody's decisions could be merciless. To me it is very important to let my kids know about history of our birthplace. Soon Skrunda will be completely ruined. Just our photographs and memories will remain.