Republica Torre de Babel
Project info

The series "Republica Torre de Babel" depicts life in an all-male, Brazilian student community. It peeks into the spaces between the teenage and adulthood, relations and vulnerability and the struggles of finding your identity.

A republica is a house where university students live together, sharing rent, food and other costs. My situation is special in that sense that I am a foreign girl, sharing a house with 10 local boys and a dog. The boys, aged 18-25, spend their time however they want, playing games, going to parties, and sometimes studying. This is their first chance to live "alone", away from their families.

I am interested in all the strange things you see in the everyday life of this huge bachelor's house. Many things are different because of cultural differences, but some aspects of the life of a university student in their 20's are the same across continents. Everyday life is dominated by smartphones and media, friends and relationships.
I have been documenting the lives of the boys for a year, experiencing things from the tilted view of someone from the opposite gender from a totally different culture. This house is like its own planet if you compare to my life at home.