Do or die
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Nigerian Children!

I lost six of my younger brothers and sisters. I watch them die one efter the other. About 10 children under the age of 3 dies every year in my village. Children die of all kind of sickness, Malaria fever, lack of proper medical care and political violence. The political and religious unrest in the country makes it impossible for the Nigerian child to have a decent dream. As a child my parents moved from one part of the country to the other looking for peace and harmony. I think about my dead, younger brothers and sisters and how much they fought to stay alive but do not make it. I cannot even go to their graves becouse graves do not have names in our country. If our country was stable, my younger ones might have a greater chance to survive. If the country is stable hospitals and schools might have a chance to save lives.

"Political corruption is another thing that is stopping our hospitals from functioning well and it is a persistent phenomenon in the country. The President defined corruption as the greatest form of human right violation. The rise of public administration and the discovery of oil and natural gas are two major events seen to have led to the increase in corrupt practiies in the country. The government has tried to contain corruption through the enactment of laws and the enforcement of integrity systems, but success has been slow in coming. Nigeria was estimated to have lost over $400 biilion to corruption since independence.
When a country is dishonest, young ones suffers, Children fight every hour in our country to survive, to go to school but very few do and many cannot. I have given these children the same pair of gloves. They have to fight and overcome adversity. They have no choice. I hope that someday our nation will think about these children and many more.