Greetings from Los Angeles
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Headdress trees with giraffe necks, hot lamp in the azure blue. Sunglass faces, followers of fashion, walking with a dog or a yoga mat underarm. Joggers bobbing, hikers trekking, Mexican gardener’s shearing hedges. My car parked a mile away on a street-sweeping day. Hollywood on the mountain.

Church bells chiming “Ode to Joy.” Crowds massing outside a Lucky Strike. Stargazing walkways, meandering in a forecourt of imprints.

Downtown hobo jungle, broken lights on Broadway. Freeway hell-scape’s, fender-benders, slapping blades of helicopters. Detours around a film shoot.

A thin skin of smog on suburban sprawl, tall corral buildings rising out of the haze. Tower of the six astronomers, white terrace orbiting copper domes. Looking into a picture of vistas bathed in rusty light, sending greetings from L.A.

- Jeremy Damato