See the Air
Project info

Now we are struggling and fighting with the fear of invisible radiation after the Great East Earthquake.

When I left the big city and started the new life in the nature-rich countryside, I felt the difference in air.
I have been unconscious of the air before though I got to re-realize how important the air was.
Normally we can’t see it. Even though there seems nothing exist out there, there sure is the ‘air’ in everywhere. It’s time for us to concern about something invisible.
I tried to express the ‘air’ in my photographs because I wanted people to think of the invisible things and think how to deal with them more.
Generally, when people see pictures, their eyes and consciousness go to one focus.
But I put many different focuses in my photos.
By doing this, I can configure an aspect in my head and it will be easier to focus on the midair.
I tried to make my works be seen like that.