Life in exile
Project info

I grew up in Nigeria without seeing photographs becouse the soldiers burned all our pictures. My father said that I look like my grandfather, but I have never seen a picture of the grandfather. I left Nigeria to Sweden and studied photography at Jönköping´s University.

Most of the people in the photographs that I took with me from Nigeria to Sweden are now dead. But they speak to me, whenever I look at their images. With those pictures in my hand I can turn back time. My camera is my friend and my destiny. I listen to photographs just the way I listen to music. Sometimes they screem like in hardrock.

My work is about my life in exile, the present and the past, about my destiny. My journey through life, and my questions ”Why is this happening now and why do this happens while I´m here? Just as the poet once said, "One day we'll all be like those who lived for so long ago."

I have chosen to shoot my soul, my life and my faith. I listen to photographs just the way I listen to music and sometimes they screem more than they do in hardrock and I love it. I grew up without seeing photographs but today I am able to create new ones. Today, am travelling again inside my heart, the journey inside is the longest one.

2015 I exhibited in Fotografiska Höstsalong,Stockholm. Some of my photos are published in National Geographic magazine in the Nordic and International. I won the photographer of the year in 2012 and 2014 in the swedish photo magazine ” Tidningen Foto” and many more other competitions.